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New York Spine and Sport Champions Women’s Health

June 2, 2018 – Bronx, NY – Women’s Health is something we champion at New York Spine and Sport. Learn more about how we keep women’s health needs in mind with everything we do – from pain management to physical therapy.  We want to ensure that every woman who trusts NYSS with their physical therapy is comfortable, with unique treatment options.

In this brief video below, Vimala “Sudha” Thiruvengadam of New York Spine and Sport expounds on this belief, and provides a guideline for women seeking proper pain care:

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A few questions to keep in mind prior to meeting with our OBGYN/Urogyn & Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy team:

  • Have you experienced accidental leakage of urine with coughing, sneezing, or laughing?
  • Have you had uncontrollable urges to urinate or not able to reach the bathroom before leaking?
  • Have you experienced pre/post partum issues such as back pain, scar tissue following episiotomy, diastasis, recti, sciatica, or pain in the coccygeal region?

Our goal is to provide superior physical therapy, with an emphasis on evidence based care.  By recognizing and addressing each patient as different & commit to each patient’s success with unique treatment options.

Let the leaders in pain management and physical therapy for the Bronx, Westchester and midtown Manhattan guide you towards a comfortable, pain-free future.

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