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Are you living with the burden of an injury? Do you wish to put the spring back in your step and return to a healthier version of you?

If yes, our team at New York Spine & Sport Rehabilitation Medicine PC can help you get back on track. Whether you injured yourself while playing, had an accident or your bad posture has taken its toll, our rehabilitation center can help you with kick-starting your journey to a speedy and long-lasting recovery.

At New York Spine & Sport Rehabilitation Medicine PC, we are dedicated to bringing patients back to their optimal level of function through a multi-disciplinary approach – providing individualized pain management solutions. Our focus is on high quality patient care with an emphasis on communication with both the patient and their referring provider, to facilitate care continuation in the patient’s home community.

Specialized Care For An Active Lifestyle

Team of Specialists

It is time to be treated by the best team in town – our board certified MDs and PAs in physical medicine, rehabilitation, pain medicine and anesthesiology. Together they bring decades of clinical expertise to specialize in the non-operative treatment options related to spine, sports, joints, musculoskeletal, nerve and regenerative medicine.

Uprooting the Root Cause

Holistic treatment delivers lasting results. That is why we don’t just specialize in the clinical management of acute, subacute and chronic pain conditions, but also understand why the patient is suffering from pain. Each patient is managed using a multidisciplinary approach, with treatment targeted not only at the pain causing condition but also the related co-morbidities such as: sleep, mood, emotional disorders, lifestyle modifications, etc.

Advanced Treatment for Better Living

When you feel better, you perform better. That is why our advanced treatment options not only minimize pain, but more importantly improve physical, mental and emotional function. In order to get to the source of pain, we utilize advanced pain interventions to get you to feel pain-free as quickly as possible and improve your quality of life.

Early Recovery for a Fitter You

The quicker you get your initial pain treatment, the faster it can make all the difference. For us key for early recovery and favorable outcome is combining active and targeted physical rehabilitation therapies with advanced pain management interventions. Inadequately treated pain can lead to the development of chronic pain syndromes with debilitating multi-system & organ impairments. With a wide range of individualized pain management solutions, you can rest assured that we have the solution you are looking for, no matter what your condition is.

Natural remedies for Joint Pain

As demonstrated by in vitro research, many dietary supplements affect the production or activity of inflammatory mediators.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa), with the active ingredient curcumin, has been shown to inhibit numerous inflammatory mediators, such as nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-?B), prostaglandin-E2, leukotrienes, and nitric oxide. References are made in review articles to preliminary clinical trials (one used 1,200 mg of curcumin daily in patients with RA), but more definitive research is needed to establish dosages and efficacy. Higher doses recommended secondary to poor absorption of Curcumin in the stomach and GI system.

Boswellia (Boswellia serrata) often is combined with turmeric. In one crossover trial in 30 patients with knee OA, the boswelia group (333 mg three times daily) had less swelling, pain, and loss of joint movement compared with the control group (P<0.001), although no radiologic changes in the knee joint were observed.22 Another boswellia extract (5-Loxin, PL Thomas) was studied in 75 patients with knee OA. Patients were randomly assigned to receive either 100 or 250 mg of 5-Loxin or a placebo daily for 90 days. At the end of the study, both doses of 5-Loxin conferred clinically and statistically significant improvements in pain scores and physical function scores in OA patients (P<0.001-0.002), noted the investigators. Significant improvements in pain score and functional ability were recorded in the treatment group supplemented with 250 mg 5-Loxin as early as 7 days after the start of treatment.

We recommend Turmeric and Boswellia supplements for controlling pain and inflammation in joints to our patients. For more information please discuss with your NYSS provider.

Sireen Gopal, MD

Whether Your Condition was Caused by a Sport, Work Accident or Otherwise, We’re Here to Help.

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