Happy Camper

I have been coming to see Dr. Gopal for over a year and I was sent by a friend who said that Dr. Gopal helped him to be active with his family again. I was in so much pain that I could not walk. I came to see Dr. Gopal at his office and he did his exam and said I needed an MRI. It showed stenosis of the spine and two pinched nerves at L4 and L5. I received an epidural injection and I was a new man, no having to go under the lights to open up my back. Then I came for a few visits with his physician assistant who also helped me. After seeing one doctor before Dr.Gopal and no one could help me, but Dr.Gopal did. Dr. Gopal and his staff made me feel at home and every time I came to see him, I felt better. His words of wisdom showed he cares. Not like some other doctors, who just give you medication and then will send you off. Dr .Gopal is the best when it comes to back doctors. No one does it better than Dr. Gopal.
Theodore E.
Dr. Gopal is a life saver. I have known him for 13 years. He has improved my quality of life 100%. I don’t want to imagine life without his care. He is personal , warm, caring and he never misses when he gives you a shot. You could not ask for a better doctor. I always tell him “don’t move”. Honestly, I would not be able to walk or function without him. He is a blessing. Anyone who gets him as a doctor is blessed and lucky. Dr. Ghandour is the best anesthesiologist I ever had. He has a great sense of humor and is attentive to just what kind of anesthesia you need. I love it because it is the only time I feel no pain. God bless them. They are a terrific team.
Vicky B.
I have been receiving treatment at this facility for about 3 to 4 months. My treatment has basically been physical therapy with a little pain management thrown into the balance of my treatment. I am very pleased with the treatment that I have received at this facility because the treatment helped me to get my life back and feel confident about my ability to continue to take care of myself. I owe a great deal of thanks to the entire staff. The therapists were all very professional, courteous, friendly and kind. They made coming here enjoyable.
Joseph R.
I received physical therapy and I feel better that I come to the clinic. The staff is very friendly and I feel very good coming here.
Socorro R.
I must say your staff here knows how to deal with, care and show much respect toward me and others as I see. They are very professional in how they have helped me. Mr.Sandeep and John Carlos know how to make me feel better in showing me and teaching me how to work out and deal with certain muscles of my body.
David R.
The times that I did therapy was all successful. The Service is excellent. I recommend this location for therapy for anyone.
Maria V.
For all my exercises, the staff at 1250 Waters Place are very nice and encouraging. I enjoy my work here and friendship with the staff. They are very punctual. If your appointment is at 10:00 AM I will be called exactly at 10:00 AM and always on time.
Anora O.
I Know Dr. Gopal for 14 years. He is an excellent doctor. He has helped me very much.
Raul F.
Thank you for helping me with the pain. I feel much better and everyone makes time for me and I lost a lot of weight too. You all make me feel so good. God bless you and the number one crew.
Tammy C.
This is for Dr. Gopal and the wonderful things he has done for me with my back and my spirits. If it was not for him, I do not think I could have gone on with my life doing my everyday things such as working and doing for my family. His patience and caring have done so much for me and others.

Thank you Dr. Gopal and God bless you and your family.
Carlos H.
I came to New York Spine & Sport to recover from a traumatic lumbar fusion six months earlier. The staff designed a custom therapy program based on my surgical needs and the physical therapy demands of my occupation. They have supported me and continued to challenge my strength to ensure my progress never became stagnated. With each session I found my body becoming stronger and my need for pain medication decreasing. When I started going to therapy I could barely walk a mile and by the time I returned to work in May, I was exercising six hours a day – cross training. I felt empowered, strong and ready to start my life again.
Rachel B.
I have been coming here for a long time. Dr.Gopal is kind and really interested in his patients. The epidural helps my nerve damage so much that I am able to walk with my cane.
Carol S.
I have been seen for two weeks. I have found all staff helpful and friendly. My therapiest, Sandeep is very caring and easy to work with when following his examples. Miguel and Jean are very friendly and helpful.
Mario G.
Dear Dr. Gopal the care that I have received at New York Spine & Sport Rehabilitation Medicine is excellent. The spirit of the works is good. The work is excellent.
Sonia J.
I have been coming to this facility for the last 2 years. In all this time, the nurses and doctors have treated me fabulously in regards to my pain management problems. All patients that come here should feel the comfort and support given when present at this location of 2008 Eastchester Road.
Jay W.
I have been receiving therapy for around 6 months for my pain on my back and legs. I got more movement. My doctor is Dr. Gopal and assistant Nigel. The therapist and all the aided are very nice. They treat me excellent all of them. It makes my life a little better when it comes to moving around.
Carmen Q.
With Dr. Gopal I’ve been treated for 2 years I’m very pleased with the physical therapy and the injections all seen fabulous. I had pain and Dr. Gopal seems to handle all my pain. My daily function has improved. I know that I will always suffer with pain but Dr. Sireen Gopal helps me a great deal.
Lori K.