New York Spine &
Sport Rehabilitation Medicine

We are dedicated to bringing patients to their optimal level of function through a multi-disciplinary approach of providing individualized management options in the North Bronx, Westchester and Manhattan. Our focus is on the quality and outcome of patient care with an emphasis on communication with the patient and the referring provider(s) to facilitate the continuation of care in the patient’s home community.

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AposTherapy® is an innovative, personalized, drug-free and non-invasive biomechanical treatment for knee and lower back pain.

The biomechanical footworn is clinically proven to relief pain and improve daily function and quality of life.

What Sets Us Apart…

Patient-Focused Approach

It is as important to know our patients as it is to know the condition that our patients are suffering from

Triple Board-Certified

Triple board-certified In physical medicine, rehabilitation, pain medicine and neuromuscular medicine

Early Intervention

Early intervention, early pain relief, early recovery and early return to function are our principle management goals.

Regenerating & Repairing Underlying Disfunction

Treat by regenerating & repairing underlying dysfunction, degeneration or injury and not masking symptoms.

Patient Specific Physical Therapy Program

Combined with interventional pain management options for source of pain treatments & early recovery

Early Pain Management

Early pain management can lead to avoidance of chronic pain syndromes, related emotional & social distress and/or need for opioid dependence

Health is vitality, not simply the absence of disease

Dr. Gopal is a founder of Vitality Medicine of New York (VMNY) at the midtown Manhattan & North Yonkers locations. This practice specializes in Integrative & Functional Medicine & Regenerative Medicine. The physicians and providers at VMNY are using decades of clinical practice experience to integrate principles of traditional and integrative / functional medicine, a whole-body approach to provide higher levels of wellness, vitality and promote genuine healing from the inside. Functional medicine is a science-based whole systems approach, focusing on the fundamental underlying causes of the patient’s clinical symptoms. Root causes of disease are identified by analyzing how different influences (genetics, nutrition, toxins, psycho-spiritual issues, etc.) can affect a person’s whole mind and body health, rather than just classifying, diagnosing, and treating diseases in a fragmented manner like in conventional medicine. The focus is, therefore, on understanding and managing each individual’s body systems, which interact with each other rather than treat symptoms. Our management options, therefore, address “WHY” does one have a condition, not just “WHAT” we can do about it, like the pill for every symptom approach we see in conventional medicine.


Montefiore (affiliation)
Einstein (affiliation)
St. John's Hospital, Yonkers, NY
Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC


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