Back Pain & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can have a lifetime prevalence up to 60-80%. However, majority of the people with these rather common conditions do recover and return to their normal lifestyle without having to undergo a surgery.

What makes all the difference is where you receive the initial treatment of your condition. Inadequately treated pain can lead to the development of chronic pain syndromes with its debilitating multi-system & organ impairments.Combining active therapeutic physical rehabilitation therapies with advanced pain management interventions is the key for early recovery and favorable outcome.

Most spine pain patients are successfully treated with patient-centric, non-operative neck pain and pinched nerve treatment and back pain relief treatment directed to the source of pain and diagnosis of condition. If surgery in spine is indicated we can work closely with spine surgeons to help identify the source of pain to make surgery more precise.

Avoid months and years of physical therapy or chiropractic visits, drug dependence, disability, disuse and depression. Recover and get back to an active lifestyle in just a few weeks with effective Back Pain Relief Treatment In New York by Dr. Sireen Gopal! With New York Spine and Sports, your new lifestyle is just a call away!