Vimala Thiruvengadam, PT

Vimala Thiruvengadam ( Sudha) is a New York state licensed Physical Therapist and has over 15 years of clinical and academic experience in various multi-specialty hospitals and medical schools, she has trained both undergraduate and postgraduate Physical therapy students during her tenure as a teaching faculty. Sudha has been on the panel of examiners of 4 reputed universities of India. She holds Masters in Cardiopulmonary sciences from a renowned university in India.Her research work during her Post graduation was on Change in RR during exercises in treadmill and supine ergometer. Sudha has done a number of guest lectures in various institutions of India for training students- Interpretation of ABG Analysis (2004),Pulmonary Function Testing (2006),Weaning of a patient from ventilator(2007),Role of Physical therapy in HIV/Filariasis(2008), Role of Physicaltherapy in ICU for nurses(2010),Role of Physical therapy in Multidisplinaryteam(2011), Role of Physicaltherapy in Pre &Post natal period(2012) in association with the OBGYN department . She was one of the speakers of Indian National Physiotherapy Conference and delivered a lecture on Guidelines to implement Pulmonary Rehabilitation(2010)As Head of Cardiorespiratorydepartment she has has worked and trained students in Acute care settings,Post Surgical & Rehabilitation and OBGYN( Pre & Postnatal,Pelvic dysfuction) departments. She aspires to pursue Ph.D in Exercise Physiology related to Health&Fitness in Women / Cardiovascular endurance training during childhood.

As senior Physical therapist in New York Spine and Sport Rehabilitation Medicine, Sudha’s diligence, dedication and care towards patients is remarkable, she is striving hard in her busy schedule to touch base by focusing to be certified in women’s health oriented towards Pre&Post natal training, Pelvic dysfunction and Incontinence. Sudha’s focus is to help patients improve their quality of life by patient education and incorporating functional activities into therapeutic procedures and adapting a healthy life style. Sudha has a passion for reading and a constant supporter of UNICEF, and hopes to work actively in field with UNICEF in future.