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The Art & Science of Physical Therapy

Our goal for our patients is to minimize their pain, improve function with the least number of physical therapy visits and to promote an active customized therapeutic program, while avoiding prolonged passive care.  The practice of physical therapy is not for patients to undergo a series of physical modalities or passive treatments as often the case (“not for patients to temporarily feel good while there are at therapy”), but to identity/ address risk factors, institute active therapeutic exercises & customize preventive tools to improve & preserve function (“get them and keep them better”). Read more about our physical therapy services

Announcing our new Wakefield location

We are pleased to announce our new Wakefield location at 4256 Bronx Boulevard for physical therapy, consultations, and office-based procedure services. Our Midtown Manhattan also includes experienced multi-specialty specialists providing Lasik, Opthalmology, Gynecology and Urology services.  Learn more about NYMD Multi-Specialty Center

We have multiple locations in the Bronx, are willing and able to provide the highest level of physical therapy and care for your patients. Contact us for more info

Where you receive your initial pain treatment can make all the difference!

For example, a spine pain patient may respond to specific therapeutic exercises depending on their clinical diagnosis (not necessarily an MRI diagnosis, as poor co-relation often exists between clinical and imaging studies) such as an acute disc herniation with radiculopathy, neurogenic stenosis, spondylolisthesis etc. Treatments may further vary in each individual patient depending on our medical evaluation and progress in physical therapy.  “An active home exercise program with patient education for the management of their pain and their condition is key for future recovery.”

Early care is critical care in spine & MSK non-cancer pain!

Let’s avoid chronic pain syndromes by treating acute/ subacute pain optimally & at its source. Let’s not mask pain by prolonged passive care and or early use of opioids.  We can take care of your patients early, often without an MRI or other non-approved imaging, so that the spine or musculoskeletal (MSK) condition does not take on the nature of chronic pain.

Most benign spine pain for example related to disc herniation, stenosis or other common degenerative conditions have an episodic, recurrent and occasionally cumulative nature, but in majority have a natural history towards spontaneous full or partial recovery.  Recovery may last weeks or months depending on treatment and co-morbid risk factors such as obesity, heavy work, poor physical conditioning, smoking, etc.

From simple pain conditions to complex pain syndrome we can improve your quality of life

Our management includes treating the patient and their condition at its source, thereby not allow masking of the pain. A early combined focused and tailored direct physical therapy and pain intervention treatment program in a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach is key for recovery from pain and early return to function (psychological approach, nutrition, weight management etc.) Read more about our treatment options.

In spine degenerative (disc, stenosis, spondylosis) patients with radiculopathy, careful screening for progressive severe neurological involvement, or bladder bowel involvement leading to a rare condition such as Cauda Equina Syndrome is important, as it may be an indication for early spine surgery. Read more about the natural history of disc herniation.

Dr. Sireen GopalA Note from Dr. Sireen Gopal

New York Spine & Sport Rehabilitation Medicine PC is dedicated in bringing patients to their optimal level on function through a multi-disciplinary approach of providing individualized management options. Focus is on quality and outcome of patient care with emphais on communication with the patient and the patient’s referring provider to facilitate continuation of care in the patient’s home community.

Our team of board certified pain specializing MDs and PAs of physical medicine, rehabilitation medicine and anesthesiology background bring decades of clinical expertise to specialize in the non-operative treatment options related to spine, sports, joints, musculoskeletal, nerve and regenerative medicine. Look forward to working with you, and thank you for the confidence you place in our care.

Sireen Gopal M.D.

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