Nigel’s early interest in medicine came directly from his mother who worked as a Nurse, & is now retired. His sister is also a nurse as well. He initially began working in the field of medicine as a Senior Cardiovascular Technologist at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center for approximately 10years. He would then go on to graduate from The City College, Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, The City University of New York/ The Harlem Hospital Physician Assistant Program in 1996.

He would go into Private Practice in Medicine, followed by his employment at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in The Department of Neurosurgery for approximately 9-10 years, then followed by Private Practice in Physical Medicine Rehabilitation.

Married to wife Sandra, and father of three; Jean-Marc, Andre, & Martine. He likes photography, swimming, scuba diving, soccer, and the arts. He carries with him a very strong belief in patient’s education, and the patient being informed about their condition.

He believes the more the patient is informed about their condition, the more compliant they will be.