Kim NYSSPhysical Therapy

Taejin Kim is a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of New York and Pennsylvania.

Kim has 6 years of experience in out-patient physical therapy in the city of New York and in Philadelphia. She originally became interested in physical therapy because she wanted to combine her active lifestyle with helping people. She has a passion for patient care and patient-centered practices. Her solid education and experience throughout the metro area clinic, treating various orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions like strokes, sports injury, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. Kim has earned her bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from South Korea and in the city of Cebu in Philippine, she served as a staff of Physical Therapist in Wooridul Hospital (Specialized Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery hospital, international branch based company), and also served as a PT in chief at a pain management and internal medicine surgery hospital (affiliated to Kyoung Book university) in Korea. She became a licensed Physical therapist in the United States and to further medical knowledge she is currently pursuing a degree in transitional Doctor of physical therapy.

She also has experience as a yoga instructor in Korea. Taejin enjoys her free time doing yoga, dance, learning a musical instrument (cornet) and going to a church with her kids, Shin-woo, and Ji-woo and her husband who is an assistant pastor in NY Presbyterian Church. She is passionate about her profession, staying up to date with current practices and techniques to help her patients achieve their rehab goals.