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Dedicated to bringing patients to their optimal level of function through a multi-disciplinary approach of providing individualized management options.

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Our patient-specific physical therapy program combined with interventional pain management options for source of pain treatments & early recovery
  • Triple board-certified In physical medicine, rehabilitation, pain medicine and neuromuscular medicine
  • Early intervention, early pain relief, early recovery and early return to function are our principle management goals. Whether it is an epidural nerve block intervention for painful sciatica or kyphoplasty procedure to relieve bone pain from compression fracture, we aim to locate the source of pain to treat it effectively
  • Early pain management can lead to avoidance of chronic pain syndromes, related emotional & social distress and/or need for opioid dependence
  • Treat by regenerating & repairing underlying dysfunction, degeneration or injury and not masking symptoms. We can apply our decades of expertise in Stem cell (from own body’s bone marrow or fat) and PRP (from own body blood) treatments for joints, meniscus, labrum, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, skin and hair growth
  • Patient-focused approach: “It is as important to know our patients as it is to know the condition that our patients are suffering from”

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New York Spine & Sport Rehabiliatation Medicine PC is dedicated in bringing patients to their optimal level on function through a multi-disciplinary approach of providing individualized management options in the Bronx and Yonkers. Focus is on quality and outcome of patient care with emphais on communication with the patient and the patient’s referring provider to facilitate continuation of care in the patient’s home community of the Bronx and Yonkers.

New York Advanced Surgical Intervention Care

New York Advanced Surgical Intervention Care is dedicated to provide quality Office Based Surgery (OBS)/ Anesthesia Care with requirements as per the new public health law regarding OBS and as designated by Commissioner of New York State. We were the first in the area and will continue to maintain complete accreditation to provide state of art in Office Based Surgery Care to our patients in the community, with positive outcomes in the most safe and cost effective manner.  If you’re looking for the finest care in the Bronx, Yonkers, or greater Westchester – Dr. Gopal and his staff are your answer.

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Vitality Medicine Logo

Dr. Gopal views health as vitality, not simply the absence of disease. He is a founder of Vitality Medicine of New York (VMNY) at the midtown Manhattan & North Yonkers locations. This practice specializes in Integrative & Functional Medicine & Regenerative Medicine. The physicians and providers at VMNY are using decades of clinical practice experience to integrate principles of traditional and integrative / functional medicine, a whole-body approach to provide higher levels of wellness, vitality and promote genuine healing from the inside. Functional medicine is a science-based whole systems approach, focusing on the fundamental underlying causes of the patient’s clinical symptoms. Root causes of disease are identified by analyzing how different influences (genetics, nutrition, toxins, psycho-spiritual issues, etc.) can affect a person’s whole mind and body health, rather than just classifying, diagnosing, and treating diseases in a fragmented manner like in conventional medicine. The focus is, therefore, on understanding and managing each individual’s body systems, which interact with each other rather than treat symptoms. Our management options, therefore, address “WHY” does one have a condition, not just “WHAT” we can do about it, like the pill for every symptom approach we see in conventional medicine.

Regenerative therapies such as PRP and Adult stem cells from your own body (autografts) or donor (allografts) are a spectrum of cutting edge techniques used to naturally treat, heal and regenerate skin, hair, tendon, joints, muscle, cartilage. Hereby, treating the cause rather than masking the symptoms.


Conditions Treated

Dr. Sireen Gopal’s Management Approach

A New Era in Non-Operative Spine & Musculoskeletal Care

Where you receive the initial treatment for your pain can make all the difference. Combining active therapeutic physical rehabilitation therapies with advanced pain management interventions is key for early recovery and favorable outcome. Recover in weeks and not in months or years! Avoid months of physical therapy or chiropractic visits, drug dependence, disability, disuse and depression. Inadequately treated pain can lead to the development of chronic pain syndromes with its debilitating multi-system & organ impairments.

Most spine pain patients are successfully treated with non-operative patient specific options directed to the source of pain and diagnosis of condition. If surgery in spine is indicated we can work closely with spine surgeons to help identify the source of pain to make surgery more precise.

If you are a referring doctor, please use our referral sheet.

Patient Testimonials

Testimonail 11

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Sireen Gopal whose beside manner far exceeds his reputation. I am seen several times a month by different doctors and I can say without pause that Dr. Gopal cares for you like no other.

Sharon H

testimonail 9

I have known Dr. Gopal for over 15 years. He has been my dearest and fondest doctor, since that time, some 15 year back I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I needed back surgery, but on seeing Dr. Gopal this idea of surgery has been permanently set back to a very distant future. I was given an injection to remove my pain and was recommended for physical therapy. Since then the back pain disappeared. Dr. Gopal is indeed and angel sent to us from heaven. He does miracles with his hands and his knowledge is unsurpassable. He is friendly, kind and always ready to help at all times. He is gentle, sympathetic and a patient listener. Therefore, I insist on seeing him only. I am completely pain-free and the idea of surgery does not even cross my mind. So if you are looking for compassion, understanding and a friend-healer-doctor-angel in your life come and see Dr. Gopal.

The above comes from the bottom of my heart and is in total and sincere appreciation of Dr. Sireen Gopal.

Edna S

testimonail 8

I have been coming to see Dr. Gopal for over a year and I was sent by a friend who said that Dr. Gopal helped him to be active with his family again. I was in so much pain that I could not walk. I came to see Dr. Gopal at his office and he did his exam and said I needed an MRI. It showed stenosis of the spine and two pinched nerves at L4 and L5. I received an epidural injection and I was a new man, no having to go under the lights to open up my back. Then I came for a few visits with his physician assistant who also helped me. After seeing one doctor before Dr.Gopal and no one could help me, but Dr.Gopal did. Dr. Gopal and his staff made me feel at home and every time I came to see him, I felt better. His words of wisdom showed he cares. Not like some other doctors, who just give you medication and then will send you off. Dr .Gopal is the best when it comes to back doctors. No one does it better than Dr. Gopal.

Theodore E

testimonail 7

I was going thru about with spinal stenosis which had me in tears daily. I couldn’t even walk a full block without stopping. I didn’t think this was a fight that I could win. Had been to a couple of doctors prior for epidural under fluoroscopy and had the procedure prior with absolutely no relief. I was taking several pain meds (oxy,gab) which left me cloudy and irritable. Dr Gopal was my final hope and he worked medical magic. I literally went from taking pain meds daily to taking none now


testimonail 6

This is my second time doing physical therapy at this facility l will recommend it to everyone, excellent staff compassion hard-working listens to their patients hands-on, approach always with respect, thanks guys your timely manner and excellency is highly appreciated keep up the good work…

Bevolin Clarke -Yonkers


testimonail 5

I was very pleased with the care and assistance i received the staff was friendly and the doctor gave excellent care my concerns were addressed and they are willing to help me thru my journey with pain i am very grateful

Rebecca Lewis


testimonail 4

I feel SO MUCH BETTER than the years that I have been suffering! THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. GOPAL! THANK YOU Nigel! I came to Dr. Gopal already on many pain meds from another state. More medication than he was comfortable prescribing on the regular. So right from the start, the plan was to lower the dose of the meds I was taking. Fortunately for me, Dr. Gopal’s clinic offers so many options other than drugs (although I stayed on pretty high doses for a long time) I did get to try physical therapy, Temms therapy, I had back shots on two separate occasions. The first time around not such a great impact but the doctor asked me to give it one more try. I am incredibly grateful for the gentle nudging. For me the second time was the charm. I am now mostly pain-free. My future is so much brighter. There is no way for me to properly thank them for what they have done for me. I have not listed all of the programs available to the patients’. If you hurt, Give them am call

Michael C


Testimonial 3

I’ve been seeing Doctor Gopel for several years, he is kind and concerning, taking time to explain your medical issues, and putting you at ease, with a gentle smile. His job is not easy. GOD BLESS HIM.

Deborah Bonner


Testimonial 2

Dr Gopal is one the best professionals in the ranks of medicine, he is a Doctor of Doctors100%, no question ask ????????

Javier Reyes


Testimonial 1

Dr.Gopal MD is an Excellent Doctor. whom i have been blessed to come into contact with by my primary doctor. He got me back on my feet free of pain and I am forever grateful. I would recommend him to anyone! So thankful!

Kim Greene

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